Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Stick


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Alkaline Water Stick contains tourmaline ceramics, water-soluble calcium carbonate, coral fossil, chlorine ceramics and black stone.
Alkaline Water Stick contains natural ores and these ingredients are dissolved out into the water.
These ores decompose and remove chlorine and other unpleasant odours as well as alkaline water.
The Rejuvenator Alkaline Stick changes tap water into negative alkaline ionized water.
Helps Alkalize, Hydrate and Detoxify your Body.
70% of our body is water. Therefore, it is obvious that consuming clean, healthy water is very important for basic human health.

Convenient Flat Bottle Design. Fits Nicely in Back Pack, luggage, Handbag, and Even in Your Pocket.
Healthy Water Anytime – The Alkaline Water Stick does NOT Require Electricity.
Reduces heavy metals. lead, copper plus water hardness, pollution and pesticides.
High Anti-Oxidant for natural anti-ageing properties at the same level or better than Vitamin C.
Abundant minerals deposited into the water naturally.
The most cost-effective way for people to enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered alkaline antioxidant water.


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