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Bioaqua Acne/Pimples /Dark spot Removal cream

BIOAQUA Pure Skin Acne Removal Cream plus cleanser are Mild non-irritating formula


 Effective skin ph regulation and balanced facial oil secretion. 
 Clears skin pores, improve its elasticity.
 Keeps the face clean, fresh and brightened.
 Eliminates Pimples, acne, shaving bumps, black heads, eczema and dark spot on the skin.
 Repair uneven rough patches making skin smooth and delicate.
 Repairs facial Sunburn, hyperpigmentation and skin blemishes.

Application :
1. Wet a small ball of cotton wool apply pea shape of  Facial Cleanser on it. 
2. Scrub the affected area for 2-3mins. 
3. Leave the lather on your face for few minutes. 
4. Rinse off the face with water only. 
6. Apply and massage the Bioaqua acne cream on your face until it’s fully absorbed. 
7. Use in the morning and mostly at night before bed.


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