CELL SPA ( Facial Mask )


Replenish moisture, brighten skin, protects from UV radiation, smoothen the fine wrinkle, rapidly penetrates and nourishes muscle fibres in 15 seconds.

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Cell Spa (Facial Mask) is a highly effective anti-oxidant and works on dark skin. It eliminates age spots and rough skin.

Long term use of Cell Spa (Facial Mask) can delay aging, brighten the face and reduce wrinkles and age spots.

How To Use

  1. After cleaning your face, take out the facial mask from package then take off the silver film.
  2. Align the facial mask with eyes and mouth, and gently place it on the skin.
  3. Wait for 15-20 minutes, then take off the facial mask.
  4. Gently massage the face, let the residual essence liquid be completely absorbed by face


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