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Minijoy Popcorn machine is an ideal accessory for evenings when you want to watch a movie or serve your friends a snack. Made popcorn machine is electric and manages to make the best popcorn without using oil, giving them a much better taste and healthier. It is easy to use and extremely advantageous.

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The popping chamber is made of food grade aluminum alloy and the surface is made of BPA free and durable thermal conduct ABS with scratch and bump resistance. Its one-key operation makes it very easy to operate as you just need to add kernels into the popping chamber in order to get crispy delicious popcorn in no time. Also, the popcorn once prepared falls into the bowl directly. For Maximum Efficiency Use new kernels as the old ones may have dried up. Always store kernels in a sealed container at room temperature rather than a refrigerator to maintain constant moisture. Keep a check on the wiring and fan of the popper to ensure its functioning properly. Never add flavoring while the popping process is active, always add once the process is complete.


  • Popcorn Chips Peanuts Fryums Cashews Almonds Papad- Make any snack you want in just minutes, without the unhealthy calories!! This revolutionary technology is faster & safer than a microwave!!
  • Make Delicious Popcorn in Minutes: The One-key/button operation makes it exceptionally easy to make popcorn at home. Just put some corn kernels into the popping chamber, switch it on, and wait for 3 minutes and get 16 cups of crisp, fluffy, delicious theatre style oil-free popcorn.
  • Oil Free health Snack:Made with hot air – 100% oil-free snack maker makes lots of healthy snacks for the whole family
  • Premium Quality: The popping chamber is made of food-grade Aluminum Alloy, which contains no harmful chemical substances, the surface is made of BPA free and durable thermal-conduct ABS
  • Customize you Snack: Melted butter and salt makes it a traditional taste.Customize it the way you want, healthy or decadent, it’s up to you adding your favorite flavor.
  • Anti-Slip Base: Helps unit not to move while its working/on. Easy to use and clean.
  • Perfect popcorn maker for health conscious families
  • Plastic measuring lid scoop shoots popcorn directly into the bowl, removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • No oil consumption, uses hot air, faster than microwave


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