Generic Tap Water Purifier


Key Features

  • Medical stone+

  • Magnetic element

  • Mineral

  • Detachable

  • Easy to Assemble

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Water purifier for one year is selling rapidly because at this stage we all want good health.
When it comes to drinking good water. This, water purifier treats water,kills germs in water,sieve out those small particles in the water,treats alkaline in water as well as chlorine in water…
MEDICAL STONE WATER STRAINERThe filter use magnetization and medical stone to filter water.It is natural friendly product, can remove rusts,contaminants,Odour,chlorine,heavy metal ions, residual chlorine,etc.It can be directly mounted to the faucet and be installed in kitchen.Why risk your health when there is water purifier
prevention is better than Cure is a phrase that should not be overlook in getting a water filter, cause cholera can be a life treathening disease which can be contacted from drinking water that contains impurities . walter purifier filters all impurities present in your tap water and gives a soothing and healthy drinkPackage included:1 X Mini Medical Stone Magnetization Zeolitemineral stones etc
NB: World Health Organization has now made it mandatory for treatment of water.



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