ILife Aloe Vera Repair Gel


ILife Aloe Vera Repair Gel The raw material used is Aloe vera. Amino acids, organic acids, aloe vera and other ingredients contained in the green leaf love life aloe repair gel have the effect of inhibiting tyrosinase activity and hindering the formation of melanin.

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Aloe vera gel repair acne, when hydrating cream, repair after sunburn, mixed with cream, effective freckle, hydrating eye mask, exfoliation, gentle makeup remover, such a good aloe vera gel, what are you still hesitating? Greenleaf – iLife Aloe Repair Gel 50g iLife Aloe Repair Gel contents of natural moisturizing factors, it can nourish tender skin, improve dry and rough skin, repair sunburned skin and enable your skin to become smooth, refreshing, moisturized, and bright. Suitable for all types of skin and safe for pregnant women & kids.


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