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Experience New Sweeping Revolution!

Features of magic sweeper

Magic Sweeper designed to replace your broom.
• Three brushes sweep debris into built-in dust pan.
• Effective cleans off salt, sand, paper clips, dries leaves and even hair.
• Swivels 360 degrees for easy handling.
• No batteries, electricity, bags, or filters required.
• Manual operation, lightly push it forward.
• Easily empty built-in dustpan by opening disposal door over a trash can
• Magnetic design disposal bin lid to prevent the debris fall.
• Adjustable length.
• Suitable for all hard flat floor.

Suitable for synthetic flooring, solid wood flooring, marble floors, floor coverings, floor tiles and any other flat surface, this mop can be used for all flat surfaces. It cleans off even the smallest piece of dust or pet hair off your floor. The adjustable handle height makes it easier for anyone to use it according to their convenience and it does not require electricity. Once cleaning is completed, pull the rear surface of the chassis pull ring, the inner lid opens automatically to throw away the debris. It’s really that simple.

A broom, dustpan and a bin all in one

Save Your Cleaning Time
X No Broom
X No Dustpan
X No Dustbin


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