Non Stick Stovetop Indoor Grill


  • Healthy cooking for your meat and veggies
  • Use it on your electric, gas, or propane stoves indoors
  • Water filled outer ring catches fat and juice during cooking
  • Eliminates smoke and splattering
  • High quality and nonstick surface for easy cleanup
  • Grill top and drip pan included.

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Now you can barbecue grill inside your kitchen with this Gotham Steel stove top grill! it introduces a healthier cooking style for your meat or veggies. Use it on your electric, gas, or propane stoves indoors, or outdoors. It is lightweight so you can take it anywhere you go. The water filled outer ring catches those fat and juice during cooking as well as eliminating smoke and splattering. It’s a simple setup. Simply place the center drip pan over burner on the stove (if pan doesn’t rest firmly on grate, remove the grate), fill the drip pan reservoir with approx. 1/4 cup of water, and place grill surface onto drip pan. Finally, preheat grill surface by gradually increasing heat until desired temperature and you are ready to cook. (Temperature may vary depending on your stove). high quality and nonstick surface ensures you an easy cleanup.

 How It Works

This unit relies upon a combination of cooking technology. There is the direct heat and the hot steam from the water tray. Hot oils and fats then drip into the water basin which helps keep smoke to a minimum. You just place the metal ring over the grill and the place the top on.
The position of the copper top is slanted such that the small grates and slits move oils or fats downward. Here they get caught before hitting the stove top flame. Your metal bottom piece has a slight upward angle to help keep food from slipping and to allow for a wider cooking space.
Put your food on top and grill it to perfection. You can use it to perfectly grill steak and still get those grill lines. Make cheeseburgers indoors without a smoking mess. Grill salmon fillets, make homemade grilled pizza or a dessert pizza. Even prepare your grilled veggies or fajitas.



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